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cleaning that goes

beyond green

Innovative and compliant Facility supplies, Sanitary maintenance and can liner products that meet or exceed required environmental design criteria.

North American has helped to pioneer environmentally safe cleaning products and technologies and is the EXCLUSIVE U.S. distributor of the Scout Systems product line, featuring the innovative Smart Chemistry™ formulations.

Environmentally-safe cleaning products and practices are the best means of cleaning facilities in a proven way that protects your staff, your profitability and the environment at large. 

Environmental Supplies.pdf (26.04 MB)


North American will customize a total cleaning program to guide you in “going green”:

•   Reducing your environmental risks
•   Helping you achieve LEED compliance
•   Reducing the spread of germs
•   Improving air quality within your facilities
•   Reducing your overall cleaning costs
•   Enhancing your and your customers’ reputation